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Pro-acting is Preventing. Reacting is minimizing Quality Disasters

Our customers are masters at sourcing for suppliers and outsourcing production to suppliers. With experiences they know that preventing supplier quality problems are better than reacting to quality problems.

Prevention is about laying out a pre-planned supplier management services program. Collected experiences allow us to pinpoint the main supplier and its supporting sub-suppliers which will generate production performances surprises. We provide a core team of quality specialists to plan, work and co-ordinate quality control actions in line with your supplier’s expectations.

When you are using AMREPINSPECT, you are inserting your own supplier quality assurance department for an added assurance of better management of your supplier’s contract.

Some customers have chosen to react to quality problems as “unexpected surprises” which must be minimized. AMREPINSPECT can react to your supplier management services requirement by starting off with random inspection;
pre-shipment inspection or production and process audits

We execute the supplier quality management path that suits our customers’ needs. Our customer’s priority is to eliminate product quality problems. Our mission is to provide problem resolutions to the supplier’s quality problems. Find out more on what we do for our customers.

Find out what we know about your products and the typical manufacturing problems. Outsourcing is Buying Production with Problems - AMREPINSPECT

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