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Quality Control Methods

Why is AMREPINSPECT‘s methods of Quality Control preferred by major customers?

From our supplier management experiences we learned that pre-shipment inspection; final product inspection; and random inspection do not add value to your outsourcing contract.

Simple inspections are added costs to an ineffective system of quality control. Our customers’ sophisticated products require modern manufacturing methods and machinery. The old fundamentals of inspecting a product in production, or doing a final inspection are outdated by changing technologies and methods of quality management.

60% of quality defects issues are always in dispute because quality control inspectors make visual “judgment calls”.

When you are Out of Quality you are Out of Business.

Our Quality Control methods and tools approaches are different. We customize and tailor our quality control work and tools in relation to the type of products being manufactured. Some products and producers can be worked on the basis of moving the supplier into a system of self-managed quality control. Some other suppliers we worked on quality control inspection techniques and quality improvement of the supplier’s quality control process.

We worked with some of the world’s best in technological products, toy products and manufacturing of products. Our customers have supplier quality control techniques and tools. AMREPINSPECT have the right people to apply them.

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