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Our Transformation

A quality control services company is either invented or created.

AMREPINSPECT was invented in 1982 to support IBM’s Asia Pacific International Procurement Offices management of overseas suppliers. It began as AMREP Vendor Inspection Services, Singapore.

Our work with IBM’s manufacturing services helped us to conceptualize supplier management services.

We started with QC inspectors for random and final product inspections of a network of suppliers in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

Simple QC source inspections or pre-shipment inspection never provide quality problem resolutions.

With primary customers’ SQEs’ training, AMREP Vendor Inspection Services graduated towards solving critical quality issues with FMEA, process audits, SPC data management , applications of line production control methods .

Experiences create knowledge. Knowledge provides auditing skills for quality processes; for certifying and qualifying new factories; and suppliers. Factory audits create an understanding that quality must be managed totally and constantly.

In 1984 we re-introduced Dr. Joseph Juran, the renowned quality guru back to the new Asian suppliers. AMREP Vendor Inspection Services hosted quality management training programs and quality conferences in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand where new suppliers were installing themselves.

Total Quality Management cannot work without an aggressive and consistent application of quality control on production systems.

In the 1990s, we moved from mil-standards quality management to ISO 9000 quality management system auditing and quality control services management. Enforcement and compliance became our key for getting the best quality efforts from suppliers in minimizing quality defects.

We discovered that IS0 9000 certified company is no guarantee of compliance to quality. Supplier Quality Engineering is the key tool for managing suppliers’ compliance to a customer’s quality standards.

AMREPInspect is now the chosen tool of our customers in minimizing quality risks in outsourced manufacturing.

AMREPINSPECT focus is now on Supplier Quality Engineering.





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