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Supplier Management

AMREPINSPECT is in the business of supplier management

Technically, Supplier Management is about identifying, procurement or purchasing a designed product or outsourcing the manufacturing of your product design.

Supplier management is also a system process for incorporating all the necessary components of managing your supplier’s manufacturing production, coordinating production delivery and inclusion into your supply chain.

AMREPInspect does not identify, source a supplier, or certify a supplier’s quality standards. However, our work with many suppliers provides us with an invaluable source of information on suppliers’ capabilities in China, Asia Pacific, Mexico and India.

We perform the work of your critical component of your supply management module i.e. supplier quality assurance.

We identify, qualify, inventorize and sort out the key quality issues that create quality and delivery bottlenecks.

We do supplier’s factory audits, quality control process and line inspections as part of work in co-coordinating supplier’s compliance to product design, technical specifications and conformance to quality standards.

We have worked with some of the world’s best companies in designing and manufacturing. Our supplier management principles are guided by their philosophies.

The costs of poor quality are tangible; they will cost you customers and money, and ultimately affect the success of your business.

The Ice Cream Maker.

80 per cent of quality problems in China come from 20 percent of causes.
– The Pareto Principle.

Insufficient supplier management is one of the 20 primary causes of quality loss in managing outsourcing.

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